About Us

History / Development Of The Company :

Established in 1994 as a small trading firm known as Port Marine Company, we have grown to a sizeable group with an all India presence with Disaah Marine. We are today one of the foremost ship chandlers in India serving on a regular contract basis to various Indian / Foreign shipping lines, Offshore companies, major Shipyards, Port trusts and harbor Authorities.

The firm has been a registered supplier and contractor to the Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. since 1994.

Our Aim:

To provide quick efficient service and quality merchandise at prices consistent with prevailing cost.

Quality & Reliability :

Over the last three decades our group has set the standard as a leader with enviable reputation for excellence, innovation and integrity. The journey doesn’t end here and continuous improvements in all our operations are being made to achieve higher standards to ensure customer satisfaction above all.

Our Customers :

• Indian / Foreign Shipping Companies
• Offshore Oil Drilling and Production Companies
• Shipyards
• Port Trusts and Harbor Authorities
• Dredging Companies

Our Motto:

Stay committed and be counted for all our services.

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